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The Chalkboard Automator allows your designs and illustrations to look like they were drawn in chalk the instant you save them into the included Photoshop file. It’s really that easy! Just drop your files in and you’re ready to start selecting the perfect texture and background to give your work a stunning “Wow!” factor. This set has a huge assortment of 15 different textures to choose from to apply to your work, as well as 12 different chalkboard backgrounds to give your designs and illustrations the exact presentation you’re looking for. Also as an added bonus I have created 5 different frames that you can apply to your work to take the presentation to the next level! You can then combine, adjust, and change the opacity of the included textures and backgrounds to give your work an absolutely huge combination of potential appearance effects. Also included are 35 different chalk stamp brushes that you can use to quickly customize your work in any Photoshop document of your choosing, or even apply them inside the Chalkboard Automator to give yourself even more potential appearance options.

• Chalkboard Automator PSD (3000px x 4000px Portrait View)

• Chalkboard Automator PSD (4000px x 3000px Landscape View)

• 15 Chalk Textures to Apply to your Artwork

• 12 Chalkboard Backgrounds for Amazing Presentations

• 5 Pre-Made Decorative Frames

• 35 Chalk Photoshop Stamp Brushes (2500px max size)

• PDF Instruction Booklet

• Detailed Video Walkthough Instructions (Different than Intro Preview Video)

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