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by ActionPresetsMarket in Add-Ons Plug-ins From Actionpresetsmarket© comes the Premium Cinema Lightroom Presets Powerful cinematic grading tools essential to get the unparalleled ‘cinema’ look. The Premium Cinema Lightroom Presets is a set of finely tuned presets for Adobe Lightroom. The ‘cinematic’ look is often characterized by its warm orange skin tones and cold green/blue shadows, whilst retaining its heavy, unsaturated blacks. Seen in high budget and indie films alike, this look has become the timeless and unprecedented look for capturing the story. We worked hard to make sure the Premium Cinema Lightroom Presets represent the powerful color-grading of cinema aesthetics. These presets have been engineered with precision and tested on a range of images. Our team of industry professionals have found that the true magic of these looks lies in the shadows. Subtle coloring of the shadows with teal, green, blue and cyan make for a true film look. These presets work well with street, sports and lifestyle photography, as well as images shot in urban or ‘grey’ looking areas.
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