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Download RetroPress – Photoshop Actions

Say Hello to RetroPress – Photoshop Action Set! RetroPress makes it easy and fun to add an authentic retro printing press look to your designs. Just select your artwork, click a RetroPress action and you have a retro look in seconds.

RetroPress includes these useful actions:

• Ink Viscosity – Ink soaks into paper and spreads based on how thick it is. That’s called viscosity and it’s essential to getting a realistic print effect. RetroPress gives you three viscosity actions (light, medium, and heavy.

• Roughness – Look at a printed newspaper or magazine from circa 1950 really close (go ahead, I’ll

wait : ). You’ll see the edges of the ink aren’t smooth but have a slightly rough edge. This subtle touch if often missed when designer try to create a retro print effect. RetroPress includes 3 roughness settings.

• Ink Texture – When ink soaks into paper it flows over the small paper fibers and pools in between. This creates a subtle texture. With RetroPress you get an easy to use action that let’s you adjust the intensity as you see fit.

• Halftone – Back in the day you’d find halftone printing everywhere (images created from small dots). RetroPress gives you an authentic halftone effect in black ink and color.

TUTORIAL VIDEO – I’ve included a tutorial video that shows you how to install and use the actions. These actions are super easy to use but I thought it might be useful to see them in action (no pun intended).

Here’s all the cool stuff you DO get:

• 3 Ink Viscosity Actions • 3 Roughness Actions • 1 Ink Texture effect with adjustable intensity. • 3 Black Ink Halftone Effects • 1 FREE Bonus Color Halftone Effect • Tutorial video documenting my workflow for using the actions.

This action set has been tested in Adobe CC and Adobe CS6. I have no way of testing if they work correctly if used in older versions of Photoshop. If you purchase and own an older version of Photoshop please let me know if you have any problems and I will do my best to fix the situation. I’m available often on Creative Market and will respond as quickly as I can. NOTE: RETROPRESS WAS DESIGNED TO CREATE A RETRO NEWSPRINT EFFECT. IT’S RECOMMENDED THAT YOU USE IT ON ONE COLOR ARTWORK. RESULTS WILL VARY ON COLORED ARTWORK.

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