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Download Vinta-Tone Printing Press Action

After a few weeks of testing and testing, we obtained a wonderful action for photoshop, Vinta-Tone is a small printing machine of halftones, of course, this is just a visual effect that will bring many memories. In the 30s, 40s and 50s years, the images in newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs and a large number of publications were printed in the famous halftone of a single tone, usually black, but also often use colors like red, blue, green or yellow.

This action includes :

• 3 Vinta-Tone Actions in low frequency halftones in black, red and blue.

• 3 Vinta-Tone Actions in median frequency halftones in black, red and blue.

• 3 Vinta-Tone Actions in high frequency halftones in black, red and blue.

• 5 Offset Dry Ink textures @600dpi

• 5 Vintage paper textures @72dpi


• All halftones are generated as a fully transparent layer.

• The color of each halftone can be edited using the Color Overlay option in Blending Options layer.

• All halftones are generated at a resolution of 150 dpi in a Smart Object.

• Halftones not generate background color ( as shown in previews ) , you must manually create the

backgrounds of the images.

• The frequency varies as follows :

1. Halftones low frequency generate little detailed images.

2. Halftones Mid often generate very detailed images.

3. Halftones high frequency generate highly detailed images.

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