Crystalised Watercolors 635514
Get 134 high resolution crystalised watercolor textures consisting of 34 color options. Each color option contains 4 different files: a background, frame, blob and and ombre. Use them on your next branding project, website design, packaging design, greeting cards, invites, weddings – in fact the uses are nearly endless! Whats included: (all textures are scanned at 600dpi and average 4800 x 6895px)
134 textures made as follows
• 34 Backgrounds (jpeg files)
• 34 Borders (png files)
• 34 Blobs (png files)
• 34 Ombres (jpeg files)
Requirements: Adobe CS1 and higher Basic knowledge of Photoshop It’s been tested to work in Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 as well. A png file placed into PS Elements keeps its transparency.

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