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Fantasmagia Brush Kit 809269 Here is something you don’t see everyday! Your must have brushes – but with a twist! Here is what we think: the main problem with your average texture brush is that it does not behave much like a real brush. So, we designed 5 sets of brushes that behave beautifully on your Photoshop canvas and give a extra bit of personality to your artwork. What brushes are, you ask? Take a seat, have a drink and let us change your (Photoshop) world! Over 45 Photoshop brushes giving you the ability to “paint” wonderfully crafted textures onto your canvas (.ABR).

01 / Grain Brush Kit – We know Sahara would be jealous! Don’t have the time to visit Sahara this year? We’ve got something even better! The beautiful randomness of grains of sand in 10 amazing brushes (sizes varying from 200 px to 500 px).

02 / Water Brush Kit – Your drop from the ocean of awesomeness! The set of brushes you have been looking for to get that liquid effect for your artwork. A pack of 10 brushes (sizes varying from 500 px to 1300 px) for backgrounds and detail work altogether.

03 / Scratch Brush Kit – You are only scratching the surface! A great set of 8 brushes (sizes varying from 500 px to 3600 px) for your background work. The result is a beautiful random scratchy texture.

04 / Grunge Brush Kit – Sometimes you need to get rough! We know you are tiered of that sloppy brush texture that is lacking a natural feel. Say no more! We have exactly what you need: 8 grunge brushes (sizes varying from 200 px to 1200 px) to get that authentic grungy feel that you love!

05 / Special treat: Fur Brush Kit – Everything looks better with a little fluff! A one-of-a-kind set of 8 brushes (sizes varying from 900 px to 1300 px) for that extra something you were looking for! We all love fluffy thing, let’s be honest! So why not unleash you inner-cuteness and fluff away everything? We promise you – you will have the time of your life!

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